Friends at the World Tea Expo 2009

I met up with Lorraine Morris from The Birds and the Teas, a relatively new entrant to the world of tea. Lorraine was there to attend the 2-day tea certification course and met up with me after I taught my class, "How to Conduct a Successful Tea Tasting".

I also saw my good friends Mim and Walter from East Indies Coffee and Tea. Walter and I chatted about good coffee (we both love Sumatra) and Mim chastised us for talking too loud! Here are two of their offerings - don't you just want to reach in and eat those jelly beans? The Makaibari is from our own family estate - look at the great display.

And finally, it was great to see David again from Sencha Naturals from whom we get our Tea Mints. Once again, he got me to try the Tea Bars and this time I tried the Morning Lychee Bar and I was hooked! Jacque, my Tea Room manager, has been trying to get me to order the bars and I've been reluctant. Seemed too much like the stereotypical health food that was good for you but didn't taste so great. I was wrong. The Lychee Bar tasted great. So look for it soon in our Tea Room. You win, David! And Jacque.
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