Makaibari 2009 now available

CIMG0187-1How auspicious that the first chests we will open at our new office & warehouse today will be the 2009 Makaibari 1st and 2nd flush.  We will be opening the season with lot DJ 14/09 which is the first flush and DJ 110/09 which will be the second flush. In Darjeeling, each day's manufacture is given a sequential lot number, so DJ 14 is the 14th lot manufactured this year.  On the wholesale level, seasoned buyers always know to ask for lot numbers to assure themselves they are getting the right product and for purposes of traceability.  Organic and Fair Trade certification require that lot numbers be on every label, when sold on a wholesale basis.  For our retail customers, although we may not put the lot # on the label, we do note it in our records and if you ever need to know, please ask.  Enjoy the tea and let us have your feedback.  This was a long time coming!
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