Today's Specialty Food Consumer

In the October issue of Specialty Food Magazine, 2009 survey results were published on today's specialty food consumer.  Tea - the kind we offer- is considered a specialty food.  Here were some interesting findings:

General findings:

  • 56% of all specialty food consumers purchased Coffee
  • 50% purchased Cheese.  Same percentage for Chocolate.
  • 33% purchased Tea
  • 77% of all consumers cited Taste as the reason to buy
  • 50% cited Quality as the 2nd most important reason

Online purchases:

  • Coffee was purchased online by 47% of consumers
  • Tea was purchased online by 25% of consumers
  • Chocolate was 31%

Organic/Fair Trade

  • 57% of all specialty food consumers look  for Organic
  • 11% look for Fair Trade products
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