The party continues..

Even with a steady drizzle all day yesterday, we had our tables filled all day.  With a little help, some cheating, a bit of nudging, we gave away many prizes for our Quiz.  The surprise answer for the day was to one of the questions in our Ten Questions game.  Question:  What is the name of Anupa's dog?  (Hint: He's a grey toy poodle).  I was amazed at how many thought out of the box and came up with Earl as in 'Earl Grey'.  Wrong answer but points for creativity. Strong winner for the day - our Cognac Pumpkin Cheese Cake.  We welcomed many friends and will be ready and open at 11 am to see many more today.  Thanks to everyone who came yesterday.  A good time was had by all.  Today promises to be a much better weather day.  Our balloons will flutter outside today - we had to keep them indoors yesterday.
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