A proper cuppa..

CIMG1338The discussion continues on the best cup with which to drink tea.  Even the size matters.  Why is it that I pour my Darjeeling into a cup similar to the Poppy cup pictured here but my Jade Oolong into a small gaiwan-type cup (picture below)?  One of our CIMG0908customers brought back the Tea Menu from a teashop in Portland, Oregon and it said they would be happy to provide a gaiwan for those who wished it.  Well, there you go.  This is of significant importance to those who care.  And for the uninitiated, they think we're nuts!  But it does matter.  It's a heresy similar to drinking wine from a water glass.  And who doesn't know the familiar fluted champagne glass...so the rituals have become habit and habit provides familiarity and comfort.  Here's hoping you find a favorite cup.
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