Cold weather everywhere

 Jan 10, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

My mom and sister in India have been complaining bitterly about the cold this year.  Although Darjeeling (where my sister is) is known for its cold weather, it hardly translates to a chilly 40 degrees every night.  Traditionally, days are in the high 60's or even 70's with bright sunshine and the nights are in the 50's.  This year, it has already snowed in Darjeeling town and it has been in the low 40's every single night.  Now you may consider this balmy compared to what we're going through but remember - they have no central heat and no ready running hot water.  Most houses have individual geysers in each bathroom and you switch them on and off to keep the water hot.  Now add to this power shortages resulting in a lack of electricity and you have yourselves one doozy of a winter.  You can check the weather here and compare your plight to theirs. We take it all for granted - snow boots, insulated layers, fleece jackets, gloves of all kinds, hats to suit every mood.  They don't have anything like the variety we have and small space heaters are the norm.  In Ranchi, where my mom is, houses are large and airy, with verandahs, courtyards and a lot of stone.  When houses become cold, they stay cold.  If there's no electricity, no heat.  So for everyone who is complaining this winter, put it in perspective.  When I hear of an apartment building or town here without heat, I sincerely feel their pain.  I've been there.

You have put things in perspective. What have I got to complain about when I have a warm home and warm clothes to wear outside? I hope your mom and sister find some comfort and that this cold winter doesnt last too much longer.
I am looking forward to your tea tastings in the new year. I love tea and always have but I am just now learning to appreciate it. I want to develop more skills in recognizing the different kinds of teas.
I also wanted to comment awhile ago when you mentioned some kind of cup to drink out of. I usually use a mug. Are you gasping in horror?? Is there really a difference in the taste between tea in a china cup or tea in a mug? I guess this is another skill to develop. You will be happy to know however, that I have not made tea in the microwave for over a year!!
Keep warm!

Posted by Diane McAuley on Sep 16, 2015 02:25 PM

Hi Diane,
Kudos on no microwave! Try a china cup. Believe me, it tastes different. I look forward to your comments – keep them coming…

Posted by anupa on Sep 16, 2015 02:25 PM

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