Makaibari 1st flush 2010

Alerting all our customers - I expect the 2010 First Flush air freight to be here mid-May.  We will post prominently on our site.  The tea season in China and India started on an ominous note - drought in some areas, frost in others and no crop.  Most areas have now recovered although all the early season crop was sub-standard or lacking.  Our first flush this year is dramatically better than last year when we virtually lost the entire spring crop. Here's a note I just received from one of our wholesale customers:  I received the Darjeeling.  Thanks.  I have to say I appreciate the quick response. I look forward to tasting the 1st flush when it arrives. Makaibari is very important for influencing other farms to have a more biodynamic approach to farming.

Yes, biodynamic farming doesn't happen by accident.  The specific care given to special biodynamic preps, composts which take seasons to tend and mature, self-contained eco-systems which require maintenance, animal to human ratio for proper natural manure, the recognition of seasonal cycles for planting and plucking.....these go beyond organic farming and need the focused dedication of an individual farmer.  In Makaibari's case, it is fulfilled by the owner, Rajah Banerjee (shown in the picture).  Here's more on biodynamic farming and Demeter certification.

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