Feedback on Makaibari 2010

Over the past week, three of our die-hard Makaibari customers have written to let us know what they thought of the First Flush 2010 Makaibari.  None of the comments were solicited, making them especially gratifying!
I am delighted to say (and I'm sure this is not news to you) that the new Makaibari First Flush is everything that a First Flush should be . . . smooth and delicious with just the right amount of bite on the end notes.  Thanks for allowing me to be among the first to taste the latest. ~ Thanks, Walter!  I received my tea order today. That was quick.  First Flush is my favorite Darjeeling tea and this year's Makaibari Estate first flush is exquisite.  You picked a winner, Anupa.  Give my regards to Rajah and Srirupa. ~ I sure will, Mike - thank you! We just received the tea and enjoying the nice aroma of first flush. ~ Thanks, Mr. Roy.
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