Swiss visitors at Makaibari

A group of 11 visitors from Switzerland are at Makaibari staying with villagers as part of the Makaibari Homestay programme.  For a nominal daily charge, each visitor stays with a local family at Makaibari and sees local hospitality at the grass roots level.  They share their meals and get a feel for a tea estate from the ground up.  Here's a picture I took of one of the Homestay families.  Meals and life stories were shared at this table.  Tomorrow will be a tea tasting for the Swiss visitors at the Makaibari factory.  The stay is rustic, their experience authentic.  Visitors can even elect to spend a day with the worker at the Makaibari plantation, plucking tea or volunteering at a school or clinic.  Volunteering at Makaibari is a thriving partnership.  For more information, click here.
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