World Tea Expo 2011

Just back from Vegas where I was a speaker at the World Tea Expo 2011.  My topic this year was "Help!  My Tea Room Needs More Revenue".   I focused on practical tools to generate revenue - a purposeful analysis of product and pricing, proactive customer strategies, event scheduling and clarity of mission.   Questions from the audience confirmed that several Tea Room owners were looking for inspiration and did not always know their costs, profitability or sometimes, their daily or monthly goals.  I was glad to have the opportunity to answer questions and meet several Tea Room owners after the class and on the show floor.  Many said I had motivated them and given them ideas.  Exactly what I had set out to do. The show was not as busy as in previous years with fewer new entrepreneurs and many of the same exhibitors as before.  The energy was a bit subdued and I would have liked to have discovered additional new items.  I did see some interesting tea-dyed fabric products which may be of interest to us.  I found a new supplier with small personal-sized tea cozies, gorgeous tea canisters and some beautiful patterns of china which we will surely order.  The lovely rabbit and bird creamers pictured here will definitely be on our shelves soon.  I look forward to World Tea East at Philadelphia in September where I will be speaking again, this time on "How to Conduct a Successful Tea Tasting".  Hope it is a bustling, exciting show.
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