A visitor to Makaibari

I hope you enjoy this great travel blog from two of our visitors to Makaibari, Lis and Phil.  The pictures are wonderful and so too is their travel diary.   They took advantage of the HomeStay opportunity at Makaibari which allowed them to stay with one of the workers.  All the cities and towns covered in their travels come to life in vivid panoramic color in their blog.  If you can't be at Makaibari - here's the next best thing.  And if this puts you in the mind to enjoy a cup, just click hereIn their letter of thanks to Rajah, they wrote:
In particular, we would like to thank the hospitality of Meena and her family in the homestay we were accommodated.  We would also like to thank Nayan and Pasan for being so helpful and promptly fulfilling each and every request during our visit.  It is rare to encounter an organisation so open, and we are grateful for the opportunity you provided us.  From an outsider's perspective, it is clear that you and your team are on to 'something special' at Makaibari. We wish you all the best in the future and shall remember our visit, albeit brief, whenever we raise a cup of fine Makaibari tea.