Makaibari tea sold at record-breaking price - & we have some!

1st flush leavesMakaibari Tea Estate pioneered the manufacture of hand-crafted Darjeeling Silver Tips tea about 20 years ago.  Since then, small batches of very carefully made lots have been offered and snatched up at record-breaking prices all over the world.  A few years ago, it sold for $1800/kg. at the Beijing Tea Auctions.  This week, that was topped by the offering of an exclusive 20 kg. lot which was procured by 3 buyers - one in the UK, one in Japan and ourselves here in the US for the record-breaking price of $1850/kg. which is approx. $841/lb.  We will be offering it by the ounce as soon as it is available here.  This is Certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade, from the oldest garden in Darjeeling.  Eco-Prima Tea is the wholesale arm of Silver Tips Tea which is located in Tarrytown, NY.
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