10 Tips on Resilience

I was asked recently what qualities I considered critical in running your own business.  I replied Resilience, Managerial acumen, & Stamina.  You have to be able to continually bounce back, you need to know about managing processes and people as well as basic finance and, of course, have the energy to keep going. A recent body of research done by Dr. Dennis Charney, Dean, Icahn School of Medicine and Dr. Steven Southwick, Yale School of Medicine indicated that resilience can be taught  - here are their 10 tips:

  1. Develop a core set of beliefs that nothing can shake.
  2. Try to find meaning in whatever stressful or traumatic thing has happened.
  3. Try to maintain a positive outlook.
  4. Take cues from someone who is especially resilient.
  5. Don't run from things that scare you:  Face them.
  6. Be quick to reach out for support when things go haywire.
  7. Learn new things as often as you can.
  8. Find an exercise regimen you'll stick to. (And drink Tea!).
  9. Don't beat yourself up or dwell on the past.
  10. Recognize what makes you uniquely strong and own it.
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