December Trends

We love to analyze what our customers buy.  It validates anecdotal evidence and sometimes we're surprised at what we find.  This being December, it is always the heaviest month for Tea-of-the-Month subscriptions since it makes such a great gift so it's no surprise that it made it on to the chart.  And of course we represent the renowned Makaibari Tea Estates in the U.S. so it deserves its own bar.  But what we did not expect was the very significant amount of Tea sales that were straight Black, Green & Oolong and the move away from Flavored or Herbal blends.  And no matter the rising popularity in all kinds of teas, Black Tea is still, by far, the runaway favorite - a whopping 33%.  If we included the Makaibari Black teas, that percentage would rise even further. You can judge for yourself:


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