Top 10 Bestsellers on our Website

With the holiday season almost coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to tally what people have been buying this season.  Here's the list:

 1.  Makaibari Black - 2nd flush was the most popular.
 2.  Makaibari Green
 3.  Toasted Almond Fruit Tisane
 4.  Organic Assam
 5.  Disposable Filters
 6.  Green Canister
 7.  English Breakfast / Victoria's Cup, Organic Breakfast
 8.  Doomur Dullung Estate - Assam
 9.  Goddess of Mercy Organic China Oolong
10.  Masterful Tea-of-the-Month Club subscription

We are grateful to you, our loyal customers, for your support this past year.  Thank you also for taking the time to write and let us know that you appreciate the samples we include and the gourmet treats.  Your kind words let us know that you notice these extra little efforts we put into each order. May 2016 be a joyous one for all of you and may it be filled with many cups of tea!


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