My New Year's Resolution: Stress Less!

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For me, the beginning of a new year is teeming with resolutions, but how many of them will actually last the whole year, a month or even the week? Like so many others, I’m not yet retired from a busy life. With a demanding job, children to raise, bills to pay and aging parents to check in on and take care of, my obligations and responsibilities don’t go away but I do know the level of my stress can be largely reduced.

Stress can affect your body, your mood, and your behavior. Left unchecked, it can adversely affect health - high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and sleep problems.

Silver Tips Tea Loose Tea Online Store #JoinTheTeaResolution

    Managing stress does, of course, present its own set of obstacles. I have learned, admittedly the hard way, that even though I cannot control the actions of other people in my life, I do have the ability to control how I react to them. My happiness depends on it.

    A New Year and a fresh start with my favorite tea - no Brainer! The Tea Resolution Challenge is how I am approaching my New Year's Resolutions.

    For me, it's Chai Black Tea, an Indian Spiced Tea that helps me escape the world around me. It starts with putting the kettle on, to the wonderful aromas of the spiced Tea drifting around my kitchen as I wait patiently for my Chai to steep, finally sitting down with my cup in an overstuffed chair by my window and just forgetting my worries. What better way to handle my stress?

    Relaxing with Tea

    "Peace, Happiness and Joy are possible during the time I drink my Tea." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

    While my daily Tea ritual really helps me cope with my stress, there are a few additional ways I'm going to help myself:

    I Will Prioritize More! I will take more time to plan. Rather than obsess with all that I need to do, I will pick one and do that first!

    I Will Laugh More!  Maybe your mother-in-law spilled that just opened box of cereal all over the kitchen floor.  Rather than getting flustered, try to just laugh it off. I will work actively to bring more laughter into my life by spending more time with the people who make me laugh.

    I Will Socialize More!  I will make plans with friends that I can look forward to - maybe go out for lunch. I'm going to try joining a support group for those who care for aging parents - make socializing more therapeutic. 

    I Will Have More Empathy for Myself! I will try not to be so hard on myself. I will give myself the benefit of the doubt and not blame myself for difficulties or bad outcomes. I will remind myself that I am doing the best that I can do and that this would be the perfect time for that cup of Chai, or perhaps a nice herbal tea blend, such as Mystic Mint Detox or Herb Revive!

    I Will Be More Optimistic! I will look on the bright side of life – there is always something positive to be learned from every situation.

    I Will Take Care of Me! I will get enough sleep and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. I will make sure that a least once a day I will try to eat or drink something delicious. For me, I will make that my cup of Chai and perhaps add a little chocolate with that!

    I Will Live in the Moment! I choose to be here now - rather than living my life for some “hoped for” point in my future.

    So that is my plan for this New Year! I would love to hear yours. I invite you to take the Tea Resolution Challenge today! And if you are looking for Teas to reduce your Stress, here are some suggestions for you.

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