Don't Just Drink Tea, BREATHE It!

Don't Just Drink Tea, BREATHE It!

"I was going to use Tea as Potpourri, but I didn't have the Scents."

Tea: It's great to drink, and great to cook with. But there's plenty of other uses for Tea leaves. If you're like me, the first thing you do, even before you steep your favorite Tea, is inhale its aroma. Ahhh, what a fragrance. Wouldn't it be wonderful to experience that all the time?

Well, you can.  Place dry, scented Tea leaves in a small open container - perhaps a bowl, or even one of our canisters - on a shelf in the room you wish to scent. And that's it! Before long the room will be infused with the scent of your favorite tea.

Tea as Potpourri

This works great in any room - try it in your bathroom, or near the cat's litter box. You can even try filling a tea bag and hanging it in your car as an air freshener!

Want to go even further? Place a bag of flavored tea in your dresser drawers for a fresh scent every time, or inside a pair of old shoes to remove the odor. Tea leaves can even remove odors from the fridge - just place an uncovered container on a shelf and wait a few days (be sure it's not Tea you intend to drink, as placing it in the fridge will cause it to deteriorate!)

Tea Leaves in a Bowl

Some people even sprinkle dry tea leaves on carpets. After an hour, vacuum them up. Ta-da! Now your floor has the aromas of your favorite flavors.

So select your favorite Teas today and when they arrive, put some aside to use as potpourri (make sure you don't drink your potpourri!). Not sure where to begin? I personally love the warm, spicy scent of Apple Cinnamon Tisane, but I'm also partial to the vanilla and lavender aroma of Daily Fusion and the fresh fruity fragrance of French Quarter. Our Jasmine Teas are particularly aromatic, and so are many of our Herbal Blends. And when you get thirsty from smelling Tea all over your home or office, pick some more up for the original use of Tea: drinking it!

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