The Old and the New at Makaibari

Over 150 years ago, Chinese carpenters were imported to manage the tea factory. Needless to say, they used materials and designs that reflected their origin and comfort. Here is a magnificent example of stairs that they built out of Burmese teak that still stands inside the front door of the Makaibari factory.  Walk on them and you experience a natural spring to the wood that has weathered beautifully.  As we entered the factory, Rajah Banerjee, 4th generation owner of Makaibari, sat on the steps to show me how to put on the various protective gear needed to enter the factory.  The old merging with the new... Below is the historic door through which you enter the factory - the bolts are from 1854 and the well-weathered old stairs. Enjoy the heritage that is Makaibari.

A Historic, 150 year old door at the Makaibari Tea Factory

 Well-Weathered Old Stairs at the Makaibari Tea Factory

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