Black Tea

Assam, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Earl Grey – all these are Black Teas, the most commonly known tea throughout the world.  But each is different!  Darjeeling, the “champagne of tea” is as different from Assam as Chardonnay is from Chablis.  Although they all begin as fresh green leaf, black teas get their dark color through a specific tea manufacturing process.  For more on this, read our section on Tea Basics.   We've presented our Black Teas in the most classic sequence - Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Ceylon, China with varietals first.  You can browse by origin or name or type - just use the filters provided.

    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2015 - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2015

      Still wonderful but the 2016 harvest is here.  So for all of you who love low prices, here's a great value.  Enjoy 2015 Makaibari first flush at a discount!  Certified Organic & Fair Trade.  

      $ 5.00
    • Makaibari 2nd flush 2016 - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari 2nd flush 2016

      Our excellent 2016 Makaibari 2nd flush stock just arrived via Air Freight.  This year's harvest is exceptional - wonderful tips to the leaf with the classic muscatel, winey flavor in the cup.  Notice the distinct coppery hue to the infused leaf, and the pleasant pungency on the palate. It was a short 2nd...

      $ 5.96
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush-previous season - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush-previous season

      Still wonderful but alas, this year's stock is now in! This is from the previous season - A classic 2nd flush muscatel tea from the Makaibari Estate - the pioneers of biodynamic tea farming in the world. This tea has a pronounced floral bouquet, with nutty and pungent notes in the...

      $ 3.00
    • Milikthong 2nd flush - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Milikthong 2nd flush

      A medium body Darjeeling, well-priced to suit all tastes, with minimum astringency.

      $ 4.50
    • Makaibari Autumnal - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari Autumnal

      A mellow tea from the later part of the season from an estate known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture. A very easy tea to enjoy! Stronger than 1st or 2nd flush teas. Can tolerate some milk.

      $ 5.00
    • North Point - Org/Fair Trade - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • North Point - Org/Fair Trade

      Our house Organic Darjeeling blend of spring and autumn harvests. Just the right body - not too floral, not too astringent, medium cup but with the characteristic light Darjeeling note. Organic, Fair Trade & priced right.

      $ 3.00
    • Earl Grey Imperial - Org/Fair Trade - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Earl Grey Imperial - Org/Fair Trade

      A medium-strength Earl Grey that can be enjoyed without milk. The organic Darjeeling tea lightens the liquor but still retains all the taste of bergamot.

      $ 5.76
    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2016 - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2016

      Enjoy the fresh bouquet! The prize crop of Darjeeling, the champagne of teas - this is first flush 2016 - slightly astringent, a green hue to the leaf and an appealing floral tone to the cup. Enjoy the spirit of the Himalayas - Organic, Biodynamic & Fair Trade. A short...

      $ 6.50
    • Makaibari Oriental Beauty - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea Sale
    • Makaibari Oriental Beauty

      Exquisite Limited Edition Tea!  This is Makaibari's homage to the celebrated Formosa Grand Oolong Fancy leaf style, sometimes known as Oriental Beauty or White-tipped Amber Oolong.  Notice the carefully manufactured long leaf style with white/silver tips which is the characteristic requirement of this style.  It is mild and floral in the...

      $ 9.90 $ 8.00