Finding Makaibari

So a guy goes to Delicious Orchards, a food market in New Jersey.  He purchases a tea called "Brahmin"  by Smith Tea.   Loves it.  He calls Smith Tea in Oregon which is a small boutique tea company recently launched by our friend Steve Smith, previously, owner of Tazo Tea (now owned by Starbucks).  Steve's right-hand person there, Tony (also a good friend) tells him all about the tea, what's in it and the subject turns to fine 2nd flush Darjeeling teas and Makaibari.  Now the guy calls several east coast tea companies he has previously purchased from and no one has quite the 2nd flush he needs.  Tony tells him to call us.  He does and yesterday we mailed him his first order of Makaibari 2nd flush Muscatel, DJ 219/10 along with a sample of first flush and a catalogue.  Hope we made his day.
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