Makaibari being enjoyed in Australia!

A very good friend of ours and a loyal die-hard fan of Makaibari asks us occasionally to ship Makaibari to her friends in various parts of the world.  Although they have mainly been in the U.K. in the past, this year, she got adventurous, spread her wings and asked us to ship Makaibari 2nd flush to her friend in Australia.  We obliged.  This morning, we got a wonderful e-mail in our in-box as follows:
I am writing to let you know that my friend in Australia got her tea yesterday and she is over the moon about it.  She said the 2nd flush Makaibari is the best cup of tea she ever had and she has not yet had the chance to taste the others yet.  Thanks so much for sending it.  I am on a mission to let the world know about your amazing teas.
By the way, the other teas included a White and a Green as well as a robust Assam.  We think starting with Makaibari was an excellent choice!  She ended her e-mail by saying, "We are full of anticipation of the new 2013 First Flush...It is one of the very best things about Spring".  We couldn't agree more.  We expect our Air Freight to arrive next week and we will post prominently on our site as soon as it is in our warehouse.
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