Customer's visit to Makaibari

Raj Vable, founder of Young Mountain Tea just visited Makaibari and sent us some memorable pictures.  His company is based on the principle that the joy of tea should benefit not only the person drinking it but also those that grow it as well as Mother Earth.  Young Mountain has developed some wonderful partnerships, in particular with villagers of a remote mountainous region in northern India where tea has not been grown before.  Working with a NGO in that area, Avani, and raising funds through Kickstarter, they expect their first harvest of tea  this June.

Raj celebrated his 28th birthday while at Makaibari and here they are toasting to his health!  While at Makaibari, Raj availed of the Homestay programme which allowed him to stay with a worker's family and immerse himself in the actual life of a Makaibari villager. Raj plucking leaf at Makaibari

Raj plucking leaf at Makaibari