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At Silver Tips Tea, we have hundreds of varieties for every taste. If you’re looking for premium quality loose leaf tea for sale, our selection offers you the most options. Browse all of our offerings and buy loose leaf tea online to restock old favorites and discover award-winning delights.

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Premium Loose Leaf Teas for Sale

Every single tea in our collection has been individually sampled and sourced to ensure it meets our standards. As firm advocates for biodynamic and organic agriculture and sustainable farming, we also offer many Organic & Fair Trade teas alongside our high-quality popular blends. You can shop confidently with Silver Tips Tea knowing we support businesses that offer fair wages and safe work environments. 

If you are new to tea, want to try something different, or are overwhelmed by all the choices before you, we have ways to make it easy to buy loose leaf tea online. Read our Selection Guide for recommendations, or filter our loose leaf tea for sale by region and flavor.

Explore a World of Wonder

Tea can be as substantial as a robust cup of Assam with milk and sugar or as subtle as a cup of fragrant Oolong. It can serve as a lulling bedtime treat or a hearty good morning ritual. Tea is so versatile, and its colors range from dark red to the palest, softest yellow or green. Each cup possesses its own personality, aroma, and benefits, providing a new experience with every steep. 

Dedicate some time to the pleasures of tea, and you’ll find yourself more relaxed and refreshed. We encourage you to visit our Tea Education resource to further your appreciation or browse our blog for satisfying recipes and important updates. Discover the newest, oldest miracle beverage when you shop our loose leaf tea for sale today!