How Americans Drink Tea

The Tea Council of the USA recently commissioned a survey on some new insights into America's tea drinking habits.  Here are the highlights:

Topping it off:
     Sugar:  46% of the time
     Honey:  40% of the time
     Milk:  26% of the time

Battle of the Sexes:
     Although 73% of Americans think tea is consumed by more women, it turns out the split is more equitably shared - 85% of women reported they drank tea compared to 79% of men.

Not your Grandmother's Tea any more:
     83% of Millennials drink tea and 82% of older generations drink tea! About the same!

Black Tea or Green Tea?
     8 in 10 tea drinkers drink black tea.  Americans reported they would choose black tea over other types of teas for all kinds of occasions:  42% when they're tired, 34% when they're thirsty, 28% when they're stressed and 20% when they want clearer skin.

Which Tea Personality are You?
     Black Tea drinkers describe themselves as creative, confident, peaceful & intellectual.
     Green Tea drinkers describe themselves as creative, adventurous, spontaneous & bold.

All in all - Tea is on the rise.  Today was the first ever National Hot Tea Day.  Hope you had a cup! 


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