Visitors at Makaibari

Makaibari has a special appeal for visitors because it is a heritage tea factory and the owner is on the premises, a rarity among Darjeeling tea estates.  A casual visitor is often thrilled to spend 15 minutes with Rajah Banerjee, 4th generation owner of Makaibari, tasting teas with him and hearing him narrate the history and background of the estate. If they are especially fortunate, he will even take them on a tour of the plantation.  And there is much to see.  The plantation stretches as far as your eyes can see with permaculture surrounding you - forests, shade trees, grasses, tea bushes, ground cover.  Here you can see the beautiful Weeping Love Grass on the sides of the trail leading down to the plantation, with the tea bushes lining the slopes above.

We recently received the season's first crop - First Flush - by air freight.  It is available on our site and at the Tea Room.  This quote is from a customer who visited Makaibari last year and shared his warm remembrances with us.  Having just returned from there myself, I can fully appreciate the ambience he remembers.

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