Jasmine Teas

Jasmine is one of the best known teas in the world. The taste is soft, refreshing and magical. Unlike fruity, flavored teas, jasmine teas are scented - an important distinction. Teas are blended with jasmine blossoms to impart the taste. Often, layers of tea are placed on racks, interspersed with jasmine buds and flowers and scented for hours or, sometimes, days. One famous tea is Seven-Night Scented Jasmine. The longer it is left to be scented, the stronger the infusion. Flowers are usually removed from the tea but in some cases, left for aesthetic reasons.

The base tea used for jasmine can range from the everyday common leaf type to green tea pearls or the long silver needle. Jasmine Pearls are young green leaves hand-rolled with a jasmine blossom to form a small ball. Silver Needle Jasmine is scented on a full leaf Yin Zhen white leaf resulting in an amazing burst of fragrance that is incomparable. Although green tea is the normal base, Oolongs and Pouchongs can also be scented with jasmine.

It is a very good accompaniment to food, by itself and, here's a secret, with chocolate! Shown in this image are Jasmine Pearls and Silver Needle Jasmine.
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