Green Tea Benefits

MB LONG LEAF GREENHere's even more information about the health benefits about Green Tea.  Why don't customers drink more Green Tea?  "It's too bitter" is the typical complaint we receive at the Tea Room.  We habitually respond that they're probably steeping it all wrong.  Here's a simple primer:

  • Don't use too much leaf:  Customers are used to making Black Tea and think they can follow the identical steps when making Green Tea.  Not so.  Use less leaf.  Steeping instructions will typically say "Use 1 scant teaspoon".  If it is a larger leaf, obviously adjust for the weight.  If you measure, use 2 grams.
  • Don't pour boiling water over the leaves:  Allow it to cool.  This is the 2nd most common mistake.  Boiling water, perfect for Black tea, scalds the Green tea leaves and ruins the cup.    One extra minute of cooling will make the difference.  If you are calculating, use about 170-180 degrees in water temperature.
  • Don't over-steep the leaves:  The last, most common mistake.  It just takes 2 minutes to steep Green Tea.  And just about all Green tea can be re-infused.  Add 20-30 seconds to each infusion and you can get four or five cups from the same tea leaves.  
So go ahead, try a cup of Green Tea today - not only is it good for you but it tastes great!
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