• DigestiMint

      Calm your stomach and aid digestion with peppermint, ginger root and lemon peel. Simple and perfect - just what the doctor ordered. A good home-remedy for allergies.  Use 1 heaped tsp. herbs per 8 oz. cup. Pour boiling water over leaves. Steep 4-5 mins. Milk should not be added.

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    • Moroccan Mint - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Moroccan Mint

      Gunpowder Green tea with mint. One of the most popular Green Tea blends in the world. Refreshing. Both have allergy fighting properties - EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in Green Tea and an anti-inflammatory and decongestant in Peppermint.  Excellent hot or iced! Also used as a home-remedy for allergies. Use 1 scant...

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    • Organic Moroccan Mint - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Organic Moroccan Mint

      Organic Gunpowder blended with Organic Peppermint. Moroccan Mint is the most popular green tea blend in the world, served widely through the Middle East and as ubiquitous as hummus in restaurants with a bit of Middle Eastern flair. All the benefits of green tea with the freshness of mint. Excellent...

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    • peppermint cut and sift - herb
    • Peppermint

      One of the most popular herbal "teas" - refreshing, a digestive tonic, aids migraines. Make sure you keep it in a cool place. Peppermint also acts as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant and has been recommended over the years as a home-remedy for allergies. Use 1 heaped tsp. peppermint leaves per 8...

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    • Prithvi - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Prithvi Herbal Blend

      A blend of ginger, saffron, black pepper, licorice, clove, cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, safflowers, peppermint, tulsi (Holy Basil) and sambuca flavor.  Licorice and Peppermint both have allergy-fighting properties.   This Ayurvedic blend focuses on Earth and Water, two of the five great elements found in many ancient texts - Earth, Water, Fire,...

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    • Rooi Relief

      A blend of Rooibos and Peppermint with Eucalyptus Leaf, Orange Peel and Orange flavoring. The natural antihistamine properties from Quercetin in Rooibos help to curb the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Peppermint acts as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant.  Naturally caffeine-free.  Read more about Tea Blends that are good for Allergies here.  ...

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    • Spring Solace

      Keep your Allergies at bay with Licorice, Honey Bee Pollen, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Eucalyptus and Tulsi. Licorice Root is known to be an old-school remedy as a cough suppressant and expectorant. Bee Pollen boosts energy, fights allergies and relieves digestive disorders. Use 1 Tablespoon herbs per 8 oz. cup. Pour boiling...

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    • Strawberry Sencha - Green Tea with Strawberries, Tulsi, and Peppermint - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Strawberry Sencha

      Sencha Green Tea with Strawberry pieces, Tulsi (aka Holy Basil), Peppermint, Rosehips, & Lemon Myrtle, with Strawberry & Vanilla flavor. Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup. Allow boiling water to cool slightly, then pour over leaves. Steep 2 mins. Can be reinfused.

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    • Tea CHESTLET

      A perfect gift for all the Tea lovers in your life.  Stock up for gifts all year long - birthdays, anniversaries, for friends, teachers, as hostess gifts, or as a simple thank you.   Each contains a treasure trove of treats: A keepsake wood chestlet with the words, "Tea Cures All"...

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