• Ancient Forest Yunnan, Org./FT - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Ancient Forest Yunnan, Org./FT

      Here's a good Yunnan with some gold tips. Could easily become your daily cup. A little more earthy than an Assam, takes well to milk, a robust cup.  Authentic Yunnan from the southwestern province of China of the same name, home to ancient forests of tea trees.  Certified Organic &...

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    • Assam BOP broken leaf - Silver Tips Tea Online Store
    • Assam BOP - Organic

      A strong broken leaf tea - grade is usually FBOP or GBOP. What does all this mean? This indicates that it is not a full leaf tea but a smaller broken leaf style, Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe or Golden Broken Orange Pekoe. Your basic "regular" tea. Ideal as a base...

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    • Assam CTC - Organic - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Assam CTC - Organic

      The everyday tea of India. No frills, just a nice strong cup. Small round granules of tea produced in the Crush Tear & Curl style (CTC). Certified Organic. Good with milk. Does justice to the phrase, "If Strength is your Weakness, then Assam is your Tea".  Definitely a strong cup!...

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    • Assam TGFOP - Organic
    • Assam TGFOP - Organic

      ***PLEASE NOTE:  Due to Covid-19 lockdowns in India, we are still awaiting a new shipment of Assam which is several weeks away.  Until our shipment arrives, we recommend you try Organic Assam BOP  or Victoria's Cup.*** Certified Organic whole leaf robust black tea. Good, full-bodied character. A best-seller. Great for the price,...

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    • Atama Bancha

      A late season flush from Japan. An excellent Japan green tea for first-time green tea drinkers. Mild sweet notes with a roasted finish. Certified Organic. Staff recommendation. Bancha is a lower grade than the well known Sencha grade from Japan. Use 1 Tbsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Let boiling water...

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    • Black Peony Rosette (Red Mudan) - China Black Tea for Sale - Silver Tips Tea Online Tea Shop
    • Black Peony Rosette

      Red Mudan - black tea tied into a flat rosette. A beautifully mellow cup of high grade China black. Elegantly packed in 1-ounce canisters.  Use 1 Rosette per 8 oz. cup.Pour Boiling Water over Leaves.Steep 3-4 mins. Ideally steeped in a glass teapot.

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    • Black Tea Sampler
    • Black Tea Sampler

      Black Tea is still the most popular of all the teas.  Here's a perfect way to try them.  We've included approximately 2 ounces each of 3 types - Manjushree Estate Assam, Kenilworth Ceylon and Organic Makaibari Estate Darjeeling Autumnal.  A Measuring Scoop and Canister have also been included. Gift packaged...

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    • Dian Black, Organic/ Fair Trade - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Dian Black, Organic/ Fair Trade

      From Yunnan region in China and from some of the oldest tea trees in the world. Very tippy, very rich with a lot of depth and character. A taste of chocolate lingers on your palate. We strongly recommend this tea. Certified Organic & Fair Trade. Use 1 heaped tsp. leaf...

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    • Doomur Dullung Estate - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Doomur Dullung, Assam Black

      A hearty, malty Assam with an abundance of tips from the eastern part of Assam. Smooth finish, a great cup! In Assamese, Doomur Dullung means "the fisherman's bridge". This estate is one of the plantations of the Assam Company, established in 1839 by a royal deed of the British Parliament....

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    • Double Happiness Flowering Tea - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea - 1
    • Double Happiness Flowering Tea

      A stunning flowering tea with a double set of chrysanthemum flowers, amaranth globe and string of jasmine. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the hand-tied artisan display tea as well as the subtle floral, jasmine taste of the cup. Packaged in 1-ounce canisters. Use 1 Tea Ball per for 16 oz. water....

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    • Dragon Ball

      Early spring picked green leaves from the Fujian province, rolled into exquisite pearls. An unforgettable experience - watch the leaves unfurl!  Packaged in 1-ounce canisters. A 4-ounce bulk option is also available for those that need more! Use 1 Tbsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Let boiling water cool slightly before...

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    • Flowering Peach in a cup - Green tea tied in a peach shape with a pink amaranth flower - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea - 1
    • Flowering Peach

      Organic flowering tea - Green tea tied in a peach shape with a pink amaranth flower. Packed in 1-ounce canisters. Use 1-2 flowers per 8 oz. cup.   Steep 4 - 5 minutes until the flower has unfurled fully.  Multiple infusions encouraged.  Ideally steeped in a glass teapot.

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