• Ancient Forest Yunnan, Org./FT - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Ancient Forest Yunnan, Organic

      Here's a good Yunnan with some gold tips. Could easily become your daily cup. A little more earthy than an Assam, takes well to milk, a robust cup.  Authentic Yunnan from the southwestern province of China of the same name, home to ancient forests of tea trees.  Certified Organic. Use...

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    • Assam BOP broken leaf - Silver Tips Tea Online Store
    • Assam BOP - Organic

      A strong broken leaf tea - grade is usually FBOP or GBOP. What does all this mean? This indicates that it is not a full leaf tea but a smaller broken leaf style, Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe or Golden Broken Orange Pekoe. Your basic "regular" tea. Ideal as a base...

      $ 4.75
    • Black Assam CTC tea granules
    • Assam CTC - Organic

      The everyday tea of India. No frills, just a nice strong cup. Small round granules of tea produced in the Crush Tear & Curl style (CTC). Certified Organic. Good with milk. Does justice to the phrase, "If Strength is your Weakness, then Assam is your Tea".  Definitely a strong cup!...

      $ 4.75
    • Assam TGFOP - Organic

      Back in stock!  From Chardwar Estate this year - one of the few that were available because of the high demand and low supply from other estates this year due to Covid.  Certified Organic whole leaf robust black tea. Good, full-bodied character.  Nothing too fancy but your reliable, full-bodied, hearty...

      $ 6.50
    • Atama Bancha

      A late season flush from Japan. An excellent Japan green tea for first-time green tea drinkers. Mild sweet notes with a roasted finish. Certified Organic. Staff recommendation. Bancha is a lower grade than the well known Sencha grade from Japan. Use 1 Tbsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Let boiling water...

      $ 20.93
    • Black Peony Rosette (Red Mudan) - China Black Tea for Sale - Silver Tips Tea Online Tea Shop
    • Black Peony Rosette

      Red Mudan - black tea tied into a flat rosette. A beautifully mellow cup of high grade China black. Elegantly packed in 1-ounce canisters.  (Pattern of canister may differ from picture.) Use 1 Rosette per 8 oz. cup.Pour Boiling Water over Leaves.Steep 3-4 mins. Ideally steeped in a glass teapot.

      $ 10.00
    • Dian Black, Organic/ Fair Trade - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Dian Black, Organic

      From Yunnan region in China and from some of the oldest tea trees in the world. Very tippy, very rich with a lot of depth and character. Sometimes called Golden Halo.  A taste of chocolate lingers on your palate. We strongly recommend this tea. Certified Organic. Use 1 heaped tsp....

      $ 10.63
    • Doomur Dullung, Assam Black
    • Doomur Dullung, Assam Black

      A hearty, malty Assam with an abundance of tips from the eastern part of Assam. Smooth finish, a great cup! In Assamese, Doomur Dullung means "the fisherman's bridge". This estate is one of the plantations of the Assam Company, established in 1839 by a royal deed of the British Parliament....

      $ 9.54
    • Double Happiness Flowering Tea - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea - 1
    • Double Happiness Flowering Tea

      A stunning flowering tea with a double set of chrysanthemum flowers, amaranth globe and string of jasmine. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the hand-tied artisan display tea as well as the subtle floral, jasmine taste of the cup. Packaged in 1-ounce canisters. Use 1 Tea Ball per for 16 oz. water....

      $ 10.00
    • Dragon Ball

      Early spring picked green leaves from the Fujian province, rolled into exquisite pearls. An unforgettable experience - watch the leaves unfurl!  Packaged in 1-ounce canisters. A 4-ounce bulk option is also available for those that need more!Canister may vary. Use 1 Tbsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Let boiling water cool...

      $ 10.00
    • Genmaicha - blend of bancha, popped corn and toasted, hulled rice kernals - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Genmaicha

      This tea is a blend of bancha tea, popped corn and toasted, hulled rice kernels. Nutty, toasty flavor with an uncommon appearance! A fun Japan green tea. Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Let boiling water cool slightly before pouring over leaves. Steep 2 mins. Can be re-infused. Milk...

      $ 17.28
    • Grand Keemun - Distinctive "Keemun aroma" which has been compared to that or the orchid or rose - a full-bodied black tea with a mellow finish - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Grand Keemun

      Very attractive leaves. Distinctive "Keemun aroma" which has been compared to that of the orchid or rose - a full-bodied black tea with a mellow finish. Characteristic slight dry undertone associated with the Keemun category. Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Pour boiling water over leaves.Steep 4-5 mins. Milk...

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